Wees Gegroet by Ick Reuvis © 2003


Drops Pouf by Camilla Hounsell Halvorsen © 2010


Are we throwing away too much?

Will raw materials become endangered species?

That is fabric for thought!


Discarded materials are often still usable before they end up in the recycling circuit.

Making new products out of discarded materials is what we call ‘upcycling’.

Upcycling is hot but more important, it’s useful and environmentally friendly.

With upcycling we combat waste.


Textile is one of the materials which we throw away in large quantities. But as long as the material isn’t worn-out, one can still use it for many things.

The second Hasselt Upcycling Festival wants to assemble upcycling-addicts from all over Europe for a creative, inspirational and artistic conference on upcycling textile.


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